Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's experiment time :D

So... in my illustration class my teacher introduced me to like the coolest thing regarding color I've ever seen.  Just to set the stage, I'm not normally into color as much as value.  Using strong shadows, darks, and lights is usually more interesting to me, and when I color, everything tends to be very muted or dull.  I do think this is largely my fault because I don't use much pigment in traditional, and because I have a color aesthetic that was made from my youthful love of watercolor, which almost always tends to be more muted and subtle.

Anyway, today I was introduced to 'gamut masking' which is where you take a color wheel that has neutralized colors in the middle and you mask off most the wheel, and what's left open is what you use for your painting.  On the right is the palette I'm using for the my painting in the illustration class. 

For those interested, here's the picture I'm working on without any color.  Let's just hope that color doesn't ruin it...

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