Saturday, March 17, 2012

This time...

I actually have the rest of the little character designs.
I've found that with these assignments for the imagination and visual literacy class, they tend to start really fun, but by the time I get to the end of the list of drawings to do, I get really frustrated and want to do something else.  It's hard to have no time to work on my own stuff (i.e. comics) and this class is a huge distraction from it.
On some of them, I was playing with some colors and using my markers.  I haven't used them since this assignment, which makes me kind of sad... but we do what we can when we have time, I guess.

 The unfinished girl on the right is my rockband character, Sophie, for anyone interested.
 I like the guy with the gun because he was the only one of these that ended up being more serious in style.  I would have liked to have been able to do more like that, but I guess it's okay because the next forty drawings were more serious drawings of expressions.

 I always tend to like the girl characters...

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