Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost there...

Classes are almost over, with just this weekend between me and my grades, so I have to get crackin'.  But I decided that I should post on here just because I needed some chill time.

So... on the note of art, we had our critiques today on our second editorial article, and mine was about an anti-theft chair based on it's identification of your butt.

The critique, however, was very eventful, as a member of class said, "it [was] too on the boner" which I take to mean that it's too erotic.  The suggestion?  Add underwear.  If there were something that would make this picture into a fetish, adding underwear would be.  And what could it be but a thong?  Should I give her a tramp stamp too?  I personally felt that the fact that it was overboard and possibly too much is what made it work out.  If I "toned" it down in that way, it would just totally ruin it, and it would just become a lingerie picture.  The idea wouldn't read, and the pose, for instance, would become just a normal pinup pose (where as it stands, is kind of awkwardly sitting down).  It should also be noted that the guy who said this was very rude before my picture, eating during the critique to the point that Richard had to shush him, and that he was just simply being disrespectful at a time when everyone was being very serious and when there's a certain kind of courtesy expected of us as adults and students. 

Anyway... I think this is probably my best from this class, perhaps even more than the pencil, so, I'm pleased... but kind of frustrated too.  

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