Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am a terrible blogger

I am so bad at remembering to update things... I know that this site would probably be like... the most valuable blog that I could have, but it's so much easier to update facebook or tumblr or something than blogspot.  Anyway... I have not spent this summer doing nothing. Right now I am starting to ink page 40 of my personal comic project, as well as having mostly finished a painting for my fiancee's birthday on the tenth of July.  I was quite pleased with how this turned out, but it's very clear how much more finished the face is than everything else.  I need to put in more polish to the clothes and hand in particular. 

I have also been working on my idea for my BFA project, although when I looked at the requirements for the proposal, it totally freaked me out.  I would like to just jump right into it now, but that would be a terrible idea. 
Anyway, the idea is a post-apocalyptic comic that would explore the ideas of... well... exploration.  Whenever I see movies or play games in that genre, I always find it fascinating to think of what happened to the people that lived in the abandoned infrastructure.  I love the look of decaying buildings and things like that.  But I also feel like the genre of post-apocalypse is way too focused on killing people and now "why is everyone gone and what were they like", but instead "how did everyone die?" So, in essence, my original idea was to have this young, somewhat childish character exploring the ruins of someone's apartment with her father.  I have some of the story drafted out, and I plan on working out the thumbnails more, but I need to talk to the people in charge to get a better handle on what I need to be doing with this project.

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