Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Concept Design

It's been a while.. but I have something to post for now, which is a part of why I hadn't been.  I love drawing comics, but one of the problems is that if you don't have everything done, you can't really post it unless you can regularly update, which I can't.  Anyway, I'm in "concept design 1" this semester, and at first it sounded like fun, but then it got really stressful.  I did make some pieces that I'm proud of for it, but it was a somewhat frustrating and often unrefined experience, but we're all learning, including the teacher.

The assignment was to design as if we were on a real production team and we were working within a current franchise, which happened to be Resident Evil.  I had to design a car, which was... difficult, but I put in the time, and I think it turned out.  I also designed a possible co-op character, even though it wasn't assigned. I think that it just took some time for things to get set up in the class

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