Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey everyone who might read this.  It's been a while since I updated...
I've been pretty busy, since school ended.  I decided to redraw a whole comic that I'd gotten about 50 pages into.  I love the story and I didn't want to continue drawing the story when I knew it would look inconsistent and bad.  I've gotten a lot better since I'd even had time to work on it, and so going back from the start was the best idea for me.  I've gotten about six pages in so far, which isn't great, but at least it's something. 
I've also been working (very) slowly on my BFA project since the summer.  I finished 15 pages for my class, but decided to go back and expand the second scene and redraw most of it. 

 And here are some of the pages that I am quite pleased with.


  1. Looking amazing, man! We need to do another sketch day soon. Hopefully things are good.

    1. I would love to!
      We should get some more people too, like Adam :)