Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BFA Pencils, page 18

Found some motivation to keep working on this story for the moment, which has been a bit hard.  I've looked back at it so many times, but redrawing something that was written by someone else (something that I love) I realized that my storytelling and writing aren't nearly as good as said person.  But I was quite pleased with this page, and that can be motivating. (as well as music)
This one had me thinking about some of the ways that comics are an interesting way to illustrate, and for me, a lot better than traditional paintings and images.  In a comic, you can tell multiple facets of a story, shifts in mood and tone, and you can emphasize in ways that would be completely unacceptable in a single painting.  Things like closeups, which help express the mood and emotions of what's happening here wouldn't happen if this scene had been a painting. 
Of course, it loses that striking imagery that you often get in single illustrations, and people will spend a lot less time looking at the drawings, but I would prefer that people get absorbed by the story and feel the emotions with the characters.

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