Friday, April 10, 2015

Thoughts on the BFA program at UVU

Hey all, I thought I'd just post a few thoughts that I've had about the program at UVU, and in particular, the BFA project itself, in case these would be helpful for someone going through the program right now.  Overall I really enjoyed the program, I learned a lot, and I feel like I grew a ton as an artist. So..
  1.  The teachers were really great, but the system and structure of the college system made it hard to always make the progress towards the degree that should be made.  Sometimes a class wouldn't be available, or you would have to wait for a year to take one that precludes another.
  2. Once I decided to work on my projects in my classes in the way that I always lean towards (for me that means doing things stylized, with an emphasis on line), I did better on the assignments, and enjoyed them more.  When I stopped feeling pressured to approach a project the way my teachers would, or I thought they wanted me to, it was a lot easier to do better work.
  3. I had an extra year to work on my BFA project because I thought I had fewer classes left than I did.  This was extremely helpful for me to draw a forty page comic.  My advice would be to be thinking about the project long before you actually take the class, and then to try to work as consistently as possible.
  4. The BFA class was by far the easiest class to put off, and was almost always behind my other classes in terms of priority, which is exactly the opposite of how it should be.  It's the most important class that you take, and should give you a portfolio going out of the program.
  5. I would recommend doing something that is unique.  I did a comic, and when I was done, it was something that that was contained, a whole story, and I could hold it in my hand.  That experience made it feel like my show was more than just a show, more than just a project.  I made something special that exists outside of the one time that people came to see it.  Everyone that got a copy can read it again, and so it can continue to be seen. So unique means something that isn't just a series of images.   
  6. I guess the last thing is that I would switch the teachers you take BFA with.  I took it with Perry at first, and I thought I would the second time, but I really enjoyed taking it with Don too the second time, and I'm really glad I did.
Anyway, that's all! I'll try to post every now and then :3